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Careful controls are necessary to avoid wastes of water due to it's continuous price rise, the automatic mixing plants permit to reduce wastes to a minumun as well as to improve the production runs constantely thanks to an accurate temperature control.The control systems are based on quality valves and on precision electronic equipments that reduce the margin of error to a minimun.  Furthermore the automation and programming system allow to reduce the operational time and to centralized the control of many use points.



Saving of time, labour and raw materials, more preciseness in recipies formulation, better control of the production run and quality, more safety in handling of toxic and corroding products that's the meaning of "precise dosage".The plants automating extent goes from the simple manual transvasing by gravity to the carryng out of complexdosing cycles where the introduction of products into the doser, the formulation of multicomponents recipes and their trasvasing in predetermined quantities can all be automatized.