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The new generation of Mlling Drums is due to AMC's long experience in designing and manifacturing of stainless steel milling drums, and their continued research to improving and innovation.The new milling drum, although has the same characteristics as the previous model, supercedes through innovation and reliability while having some important advanges:

• The drum is divided into sections connetted to each other by folds in the sheet metal, which offers a more solid structure, and guaranteing a loger life.

• It is possible to install the drum in any place of the tannery that is logystically less accesible. This is due to the drum being delivered completely disassembled.

• There is a greater savings in shipping costs because the drum can be loaded in a closed container and not in an open top as is done with all other stainless steel drums.

Oversized touch screen with new graphics and new control software

• New and innovative recipe system

Greater integration between software and HMI

• Greater integration with company management systems, for greater production control and greater traceability and replicability